For high-net-worth individuals and businesses or locations categorised as “high-risk”, Security First can design a bespoke security system for your very special requirements, integrating the very best in electronic, mechanical and physical security protection.

If you feel you have an exceptional situation which requires an elevated level of protection, our Special Projects Division could provide the all-encompassing solution to your security needs.

We can either act as Independent External Consultants or as the Nominated Security Provider. In both cases we will assign a special consultant with comprehensive experience in counter terrorism security, risk analysis, building security, system design and personal protection to act as project co-ordinator.

In the role of Independent External Consultant, following in depth discussions with the client we would evaluate the security requirements and design a security system based on the client’s request as well as our evaluation of the associated risk. The report we compile can then be used as a specification from which third party security installers can tender.

As your Nominated Security Provider we will compile a report as detailed above and install the specified system using accredited Security First personnel.

With either option our senior consultant will be the permanent point of contact between the client, ourselves and other associated parties. We will provide expert recommendations for your specific needs and oversee the installation and implementation of the security system.

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If you feel you might require a solution above and beyond the conventional,
please call us on 020 8731 5900 or complete the Enquiry Form to arrange for a special projects consultation.