Why Use an SSAIB Registered Firm?

After reading the latest issue of SSAIB News (2014), a newsletter/magazine that is sent to registered SSAIB installers each year, we found out that the SSAIB have commissioned a video aimed at the end-user/consumer, to help explain why using a registered firm is important.

Suddenly excited for a free promotional video that should aid our business we quickly logged on to ssaib.org to have a look. Was it noted on the front page for all to see? No. Is the video in the section titled “Why choose an SSAIB firm”? No. Was it anywhere a customer can find it? Not that we could see.

Ah, we found it – in the Registered Installers section of the site. For installers only to see, and to use as we see fit. I wondered whether it was on YouTube so that we can just embed a link to our site. Lo and behold, yes it was! But then we noticed that the video was actually posted there a year ago – so it is a bit of a shame that installers have only just been informed about it.

So here it is in all its glory. http://youtu.be/xIw8TMeOJYE

If you were under the impression that the security industry is run by grey men in grey suits in Communist era grey offices then you will feel vindicated by watching this video clip! The SSAIB is actually a very modern organisation and has done seriously fantastic things for security installers, insurers, Police, and end users alike across the UK. It is a shame that the video doesn’t reallly portray this – you will just have to take our word for it!

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