Wireless Alarms with Picture Verification

Just as we all (should) know that it’s not good practise to upgrade any software (PC, phone etc) with a first release new version due to the inevitable bugs, we also don’t like installing newly released security systems without waiting a good few months to hear about the problems that other companies have found!

So when RISCO recently released the new version of their tried and tested Agility wireless intruder alarm system, aptly named the… Agility3™, we were quite excited to see how this new system performed.

The Agility3™ is essentially the same as the Agility: a fully wireless intruder alarm system with lots of peripherals. The only hard-wired aspect is the mains power and possibly the signalling connection if using PSTN or IP. We installed a GSM only version.

The biggest difference between the two systems is that the Agility3™ has a PIR (passive infrared movement detector) with an integrated camera. If the PIR activates, the camera is set to take a series of still photos that is then sent to the RISCO cloud server via IP or GSM. The system, using either GSM or PSTN can also contact a number of keyholders with the integrated voice module. The Agility3™ is EN graded and can also have Police response if connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre.

Clients can reactively and proactively log in to their system and take snap shots using the camera and also fully control the system remotely. As we are in the world of mobile phone apps, RISCO provide an app for both Android and Apple platforms so that you can control your alarm system from your mobile phone and not just a web browser.

Using proven RISCO technology this system is very stable, and if the alarm does activate, you can quickly see if there was any activity in the area of the PIR by viewing the photos.

The only downside to this system is that the picture quality is not great and is really only designed as “picture verification” as opposed to being able to identify an individual. That said, considering the relatively low cost of the PIR/Camera unit, for people who are away from home a lot, it can provide certain peace of mind. And everyone loves an app!!

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