We have compiled a list of the most common questions we are regularly asked regarding intruder alarm systems. If the answer to your question is not here, please contact us and one of our staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Q: I really like the idea of an alarm system but I have been told that I can’t have one installed because of my pets. Is this correct?
A: No, we can install “pet-immune” detectors that will ignore the movement of your pets without compromising the security of your home.

Q: Are pet-immune detectors expensive?
A: No, they cost slightly more than standard detectors.

Q: I have been told that it is pointless having a monitored intruder alarm system, as the Police do not respond anymore to alarm activations.
A: No, that is totally untrue. Police do respond to activations from accredited alarm companies as long as the activation meets the requirements of current ACPO legislation.

Q: What is ACPO?
A: The Association of Chief Police Officers; they make policy on how the Police respond to intruder alarm activations.

Q: If I do not want the Police to be automatically contacted if my alarm activates, can I have a system that is not linked to the Police and have my neighbours call them if the alarm goes off?
A: No. The Police categorically will not respond to a report of an alarm ringing unless signs of a break-in or burglary are specifically reported as well.

Q: How long will an installation in my house take?
A: Every house is different and will take different lengths of time to complete. A standard house should take approximately 2 days.

Q: I have just had my house completely refurbished and now have wooden floors. I wasn’t interested in a burglar alarm system but three houses in our street have been burgled in one week, and I even saw the burglars! What can I do?
A: We can install an excellent Class VI wireless intruder alarm system that will negate the need to run unsightly cables.

Q: I have heard the term Class VI radio system before. What does it mean?
A: Wireless alarm systems are categorised into “classes”. The higher the class, the more secure the signalling between the control panel and the radio detection devices. Only Class VI systems can be configured to receive a Police response.

Q: I have seen wireless systems on sale in my local DIY store. Are they Class VI? If I purchase this system will you install it for me?
A: DIY systems are designed to be installed by yourself and do not enjoy the level of technology found in professional systems. DIY systems cannot achieve a Police response as they are not Class VI. No professional alarm installer will install a DIY alarm system.

Q: If I do not want Police response to my alarm system, do I need to get a professionally fitted one, or should I fit a DIY kit myself?
A: That is purely up to you! DIY kits are not as sophisticated as professional systems and they certainly are not as aesthetically pleasing. In our experience people fit DIY kits and either never finish installing them, or disconnect them as soon as something “goes wrong”. A professional alarm system will be designed and installed specifically for your premises, with a comprehensive guarantee and 24-hour service should a fault arise.

Q: I really want to have an alarm system fitted but cannot afford to take time off work. I do not have anyone close by who can house sit for me? Do you have any suggestions?
A: Yes. It is not necessary for you to be in attendance throughout the day. Our engineers can normally be at your house by 8am, and in special circumstances can arrive slightly earlier, or we can arrange to collect keys prior to the day of installation.

Q: Do clients often leave your engineers alone in the house?
A: It depends on the situation. We are often left alone when clients go out shopping, to the gym, or to take and collect the kids from school. For referrals, where most of our business is derived from, we are frequently left alone for the duration of the installation if clients have to work. We would request that a member of the household is available for training on the system once it has been installed, but we can always schedule the training for another day.

Q: I work nights and sleep during the day. Can you install a system for me at night?
A: We would only consider this in exceptional circumstances. In general it is not something we practice. The noise of the installation and the subsequent testing would create problems with the neighbours.

Q: I work during the week and would like my system installed over a weekend. I have asked other installation companies but they will not even consider it. Will you?
A: Yes. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a first class service and will work around client’s requirements where possible. We generally do not install over the weekend but in certain circumstances we will.

Q: I want a monitored alarm system with Police response but I understand that the system must be serviced twice yearly. This will be a problem for me because I leave very early in the morning for work and do not get home until about 7pm. What do I do?
A: First of all, we can conduct one service a year via our remote diagnostic software without having to attend your home. Secondly, servicing is usually carried out Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. However, for a small additional premium we can arrange for servicing to be conducted after hours at your convenience.

Q: Can I have a system that allows me to protect the downstairs part of my home whilst my family are asleep upstairs? If it is possible, does it cost a lot more?
A: All professional alarm systems usually allow 3 different setting options. It is very common to alarm the downstairs at night. There is no additional cost.

Q: There have been a lot of aggravated burglaries and attacks on women in my area recently and I am very scared for my wife and kids whilst I am at work or away. Is there anything I can do to help secure them?
A: Definitely. We can install an alarm system that will protect the perimeter doors and windows of your property, whilst your family are safe inside. We can also provide them with fixed or portable panic buttons that can summon the Police in an emergency.

Q: What is the SSAIB?
A: The SSAIB is one of the two UKAS recognised Inspectorates that regularly check the installation and service standards of accredited companies. If an alarm company is not accredited to a UKAS inspectorate the alarm company will not be able to provide a Police response connection to your system and their work may not be on par with industry standards.

Q: Can I get a reduction in my insurance if I have an alarm system?
A: Many insurance companies will provide a small reduction in your premium if a professional alarm system is installed and serviced under contract. Some insurance companies will not insure you without a system, depending on the area of your property and the cost of your valuables.

Q: If my insurance company hasn’t told me to get an alarm, should I get one anyway?
A: We think so! Burglary is a traumatic crime. It’s not just the loss of your possessions, but the time and effort involved in getting back on track. For a relatively low cost you can reduce the risks of a successful burglary, so why take the chance?

Q: Is it true that if I have more than one false alarm that I get blacklisted and the Police do not respond?
A: No it is not true. First of all, with current legislation it is not so easy to generate a false alarm that results in a Police response (a Confirmed Alarm). If you have 2 false Police call-outs in any 12-month rolling period you will be downgraded to a Level 2 response. If you have a further 3 false Police call-outs in the same 12-month rolling period (5 activations in total) then you will be suspended for a specific period of time. Reinstatement will only occur once the cause of the false alarms has been proven to have been rectified.

You must bear in mind that most false activations are due to user error of some kind or another. Our systems are very simple to operate and user friendly. We spend as much time as necessary training our clients on how to use them, heavily reducing the likelihood of false alarms. For a comprehensive but simplified explanation of Confirmed Alarms and what type of activation receive a Police response click here.

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